Canadian regulations for cosmetic products

Canadian regulations overview

Canadian regulations are slightly different from the USA but not as strict as the ones in force in the European Union. As an example for comparison, more than 1,700 ingredients are prohibited in the EU whereas only 573 are listed in the Canadian’s Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist.

As defined by the Cosmetic Regulations under the Food and Drugs Act, all cosmetics products sold in Canada must be manufactured, prepared, preserved, packed and stored under sanitary conditions. Manufacturers must submit evidence to establish the safety of the product only upon request from the minister.

All products sold in Canada, must within 10 days, submit a Cosmetic Notification Form (CNF) to Health Canada including product name, function, list of ingredients, etc. In addition and like many countries, all products and raw material should have a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) that gather safety instructions and hazardous ingredients. Find more information in this article: Canadian Regulations for Cosmetic Products at a Glance.

Main regulations and Acts in force in Canada

  • The Cosmetic regulations under The Food and Drugs Act
  • The Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act
  • New Substances Notification (NSN) Regulations
  • Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)
  • The Cosmetic Notification Form (CNF)
  • The Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

How can a PLM solution help you?

Thanks to a PLM solution, centralize all your product information, documents and data in a unique repository. Generating required compliant documents will become easy, as the solution will help you to find the right information at the right time and from the right company department. Designed for each department, it allows users to enter product information for each stage of the product development and make it available for the rest of the company.

It integrates different regulations from all over the world allowing you to pass from a country to another without difficulty. Generate your CNF, gather all the SDSs and create compliant labelling has never been this simple. Excel files, data entered manually, multiple source of information and errors will be over.


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