How to streamline your product development and simplify critical stages

Do the regulations regarding tracking, labelling and compliance slow down your product launch and or your market expansion?

What about the rapidly changing consumers’ tastes that pressure you to innovate at an ever increasing rate?

Or maybe, you are wondering how to optimize your internal processes such as dealing with a large amount of information that, if not correctly managed, can lead to errors and delays during your product development?

Fortunately, you can rely on a PLM software to address all these challenges, and bring together all business departments to the same platform. Among many of its benefits, Lascom PLM helps you:

  • Improve team collaboration to minimize time to market
  • Accelerate product formulation to foster innovation
  • Master product specifications to ensure accurate product communication
  • Enhance your product portfolio management

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LascomSoftware editor founded in 1989, Lascom Solutions embodies the new generation of PLM. Lascom CPG solution combines the functional advantages of a PLM with the know-how of food and beverages manufacturers and distributors.  The PLM enables businesses to stay innovative while complying with regulations and collaborating efficiently.

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