Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software

What is PLM software?

PLM software is a solution assisting companies in better managing their products all along their lifecycle. Product lifecycle management integrates people, documents, data, and processes. PLM software provides a product information backbone for companies and their partners. It eases the NPD process, change management, range optimization, document management, costs calculation, regulatory compliance, time to market improvement, collaboration and activity analyses.

Using a unique collaborative platform, PLM software considerably eases daily tasks for product development, marketing, R&D, quality and supply teams. It avoids wasting time in re-keying data, assists in meeting deadlines, boosts innovation and contributes to lead competition on the marketplace.

Often coupled with ERP, PLM software also allows upper management to benefit from an overview of the company. It facilitates strategic decisions process and optimization.

PLM software implementation and ROI

  • Accessible, yet secure, “single version of the truth” for all product data
  • Accelerates business processes through greater collaboration
  • Reduces financial, brand image, and regulatory risks
  • Greater product portfolio visibility
  • Eliminates re-keying of data into multiple systems thereby reducing errors and increasing productivity
PLM software

Customers report the following ROI improvements in product lifecycle management:

  • 30% shorter product development time
  • Reduction by as much as 70% in business process cycle time (validation, collaboration, supplier information exchange, etc.)
  • Time spent on quality control reduced by 30%
  • Data re keying reduced by as much as 80%
  • Time benefit on proposals and quotes management improved by 50%
  • Specifications checking time reduced by 50%
  • Time spent on changes and impacts management reduced by 60%

Lascom PLM software

Lascom PLM software facilitates the extensive product information management

All documentation, data and information attached to products is gathered in a single platform. Updates and their impact are available in real time for anyone with access rights. Lascom PLM software offers a general view of in-progress activities though reports, charts and business intelligence. It reduces bottlenecks and allows decision-makers to strategically prioritize projects.

Using Lascom PLM software, businesses benefit from:

  • Information consistency
  • Data gathering
  • Progress traceability
  • Reporting tools

Product Lifecycle Management: from tactical productivity to strategic answers

Benefiting from a product lifecycle management suite significantly increases productivity. PLM software reduces time-consuming activities such as replicating data across different systems, double checking data for any irregularities, and having to search for missing data.

Thanks to its market knowledge and its specific market oriented features, Lascom product lifecycle management can deliver not only technology, but also unrivalled PLM value proposition.

Lascom PLM software is a strategic driver that encompasses simple gains. By consolidating product portfolios, return on market experience and capitalizing on know-how, it is a key driver for management oversight.

PLM software