PLM Software for Food Service and Catering

As a pioneer, Lascom has developed a PLM software designed for food service and catering professionals. In order to respond to consumer needs and wants, restaurants and manufacturers are constantly developing innovative concepts, recipes, and dishes.

With Lascom CPG, easily organise each stage of  your dishes and menus development – from marketing briefs to launch – and facilitate collaboration between all departments and subcontractors.

A solution for each business unit

Food and beverage

How can Lascom PLM help you?

  • Accelerate innovation and time-to-market

    Manage new recipes, menus or dishes development
    Master your product portfolio with centralized information and documents
    Calculate finished product costs based on suppliers costs

  • Gain in productivity

    Manage and optimise product and menu formulation
    Automate calculation of nutritional facts and list of ingredients, allergens and allegations edit
    Optimise collaboration with suppliers

  • Strengthen your customer’s loyalty

    Respond to regulatory requirements and generate
    INCO labeling
    Optimise product traceability to answer quickly to saftey alerts

Learn more about Lascom’s PLM solution for food service and catering industries, request a demo with our experts!

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