Lascom experience and expertise to serve our customers

A successful PLM solution is not only choosing and implementing the PLM software. These are only the first steps. A successful project needs to be configured to best fulfill functional expectations and provide a user friendly platform for everyone.

Lascom expertise

Lascom PLM implementation

Lascom PLM experts are ready to assist companies in their project implementation

Lascom professional services staff implement customers project with care and expertise and provide overall project management. Implementation will proceed based on agreed upon requirements and metrics, and can include:

  • Software installation and testing
  • Data migration
  • System integration
  • Testing and validation

To keep a competitive edge, businesses must share vital information in real time in an efficient and timely manner.

Integrating numerous systems into a collaborative work process requires complex technology, but this changeover will enhance company’s success.

PLM software implementation promotes best practices process

Lascom professional service can contribute to businesses’ success, providing a specific system implementation methodology. Lascom experts provide the strategic development plan, tactical scheduling, risk management and milestones required to ensure successful implementation of a collaborative process in growing market sectors.

Lascom experts also provide the essential training for customers’ teams to operate, support, maintain and upgrade the system newly installed.