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PLM Discrete Manufacturing and Systems

How Can Lascom PLM Help You? Whether it’s in electronics, aerospace or equipment industries, products and services have to be... Read more »

PLM Software for Food Service and Catering

 How Can Lascom PLM Help You? As a pioneer, Lascom has developed a PLM software designed for food service and... Read more »

PLM Software for Food and Beverage

 How Can Lascom PLM Help you? Lascom has developed the only software that combines PLM features with food and beverage... Read more »

PLM Software for Personal Care and Cosmetics

 How Can Lascom PLM Help You? Lascom’s PLM software offers a solution dedicated to companies from beauty and cosmetic industries... Read more »

Success stories

Bolthouse Farms

Bolthouse Farms is North America’s market share leader in growing and distributing fresh-cut carrots and offers ‘all things carrot’, including... Read more »

Maple Lodge

Maple Lodge Farms increases productivity, shortens product development cycles, and reduces risk with Lascom CPG Solution Maple Lodge Farms (MLF)... Read more »

Poultry leader

France’s largest chicken products and chicken based products processor and distributor, employs more than 16 000 people all around the... Read more »

Artenay Bars

Artenay Bars is the leading French manufacturer of cereal bars and muesli in the private label market. The company has an... Read more »

White papers and Experts opinions

White Paper – PIM / PLM, 2 complementary approaches for 1 common goal: the product information

The highly competitive market in which packaged goods actors operate pushes them to innovate and launch new products as quickly... Read more »

White Paper – How to Accelerate Product Innovation ?

In order to remain competitive, cosmetic businesses have to, more than ever, be attentive to market trends and consumer’s needs.... Read more »

Agri-food compliance: a global phenomenon. How can we adapt to it ? – White Paper

Whether it be in Europe with INCO regulations 1169/2011 or in the United States with the Food Safety Modernization Act... Read more »

Collaboration as a Key to Success in Retail – White Paper

As consumers grow more demanding, retailers need to ensure products are available at the right time, through the right channel... Read more »