R&D Management

Research and Development Management

The product formulation is a sensitive but decisive stage of the product development process. R&D teams optimise product development taking into account raw materials attributes and constraints as ingredients, associated health risks and most importantly costs to develop a new product. Part of their role is also to gather all product information and maintain it accurate for all the contributors – internally and externally for audits.

Many different components need to be integrated at the very first stage of a product launch. R&D teams combine with rigorous regulations – including norms, USDA statements, allergens, and marketing briefs related to customers’ expectations and company profitability. Taking into consideration and evaluate production cost inflected by raw material or production process.

Research and development tend to be a long-term stage that companies want to reduce in order to shortened time-to-market and maintain their competitive advantage.

How the R&D Module can help you ?

Manufacturers and retailers have then to master all their product design with an adapted tool. Lascom’s R&D module offer a software that facilitate all product formulation with automated calculation, updated food and cosmetics ingredients libraries and mass replacement. R&D module enables companies to create and recipes simulation but also to optimized their formulation to reduce costs and respect the marketing brief.

  • Formulation & Recipe Simulation

    Create, edit, test product recipes and generate product production costs estimation

  • Raw material samples management

    Test and evaluate raw material quality

  • Libraries Management (Ciqual/USDS/Cosmetics)

    Use updated ingredients libraries to create recipes and generate labels

  • Specification Management

    Product, raw material or packaging specifications directly managed by suppliers using a defined criteria list