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Manage product lifecycle in FMCG, food service and retail


Efficiently manage the product lifecycle in FMCG and food service

Lascom CPG: a best-in-class enterprise wide product information management solution

  • Single repository, document management and product information management features allowing collaboration around “single version of the truth” of product data (data, text, images, graphics, documents, events, etc.)
  • Extensive industry content libraries (comprising ingredients, nutrition, physical-chemical, organoleptic, microbiology, allergens, labeling, packaging etc. specifications based on extensive knowledge of the CPG market) and pre-packaged role-based views of product data tailored to the user needs     

Business module

R&D module

Collaboration portal

Quality module

Key features

  • Product portfolio management
  • Marketing process orchestration
  • New product development orchestration

Key features

  • Powerful formulation tool with Excel integration
  • Product nutrition views
  • Labels management

Key features

  • Suppliers validation through a dedicated portal
  • Raw materials and specifications management
  • Centralized reseller collaborative tool

Key features

  • Quality controls management such as ISO, HACCP, FDA, etc.
  • Sanitary alerts monitoring and impact analysis tool

Lascom CPG for food industry food service and retail

Lascom CPG for food industry food service and retail

Lascom CPG for food industry food service and retail

Lascom CPG for food industry food service and retail

  • Accelerates productivity by allowing users to easily create new or reuse and modify pre-existing product information
  • Locks-out artwork bottlenecks in the NPD process
  • Speeds-up time to market thanks to clear process and task definition
  • Improves decision making through advanced impact analysis features such as comparisons, gap analysis, and where-used
  • Saves time and reduces errors through automation generation of product specifications and other key documents and reports
  • Improves supplier collaboration through a web portal allowing material validation and RFPs
  • Enables effective and central collaboration in case of specs change increasing data reliability
  • Saves times by externalizing data capture
  • Endorses compliance best practices
  • Demonstrates quality practices in case of unexpected sanitary events (audit trails)
  • Provides instant decision tools in case of sanitary alerts thanks to impact analysis

New challenges for FMCG and food service

To cope with an increasingly competitive global market, small and medium enterprises as well as large groups must innovate to maintain their market share.

This requires being able to respond quickly to market demands and includes:

Develop innovation potential

Innovation-driven organizations can achieve sustainable value creation and profitable growth.  Growth can be delivered by a range of practices and capabilities. Successful companies are constantly evaluating opportunities for product innovation.  

Accelerate time to market for new products and facilitate the innovation process

Meeting changing market demands is more important than ever. Consumers are extremely fickle and companies’ adaptability is crucial for survival.  A properly implemented innovation process allows can shorten new products time to market and help maintain margins.

Respond to increasingly complex and regulated specifications

Due to global trends, distributors or clients’ expectations, consumers’ needs, regulations or even lobbies, specifications are more and more complex and detailed. To avoid slowing down the product time to market or reducing revenue, product management has to be adapted from innovation all through product life cycle.

Remain aware of financial, brand image and regulatory risks

Benefiting from a global and strategic view is important to better manage potential financial, brand image or regulatory risks related to the product management

Provide quick and accurate traceability

Regarding food trends, traceability is becoming a significant factor in product management. To ensure product quality, regulatory compliance and traceability, R&D teams need to manage, monitor and maintain a large amount of data.

Lascom CPG Solution, a simple and packaged answer

All product information is centrally managed into the repository: data, documents, events associated with product development, change management, quality management, and regulatory compliance

  • Eliminate or reduce manual data entry, re-keying into different systems, searching for or validating information (data from suppliers, specifications, technical datasheets…)
  • Improve internal and external collaboration (workflows, alerts, notifications…)
  • Dashboards and metrics for the management of product portfolio


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