Lascom AEC corporate

Lascom AEC was born in 2015 and was created by Lascom, PLM software provider (Product & Project Lifecycle Management) and thinkproject!, cross enterprise collaboration specialist in the AEC sector. Lascom AEC is a PLM software provider which is 100% focused on the AEC sector.

Although Lascom AEC is a subsidiary of Lascom and owned at 60% by thinkproject !, Lascom AEC is independant inside thinkproject group.

Lascom AEC combines the dynamism of a start-up and the robustness of two historical actors in software providing.

Some numbers

Through its customers, leaders of engineering on an international scale, Lascom AEC is present in Europe, South America and in Middle East.

The alliance of the group think project! and Lascom AEC represents 20M€. With its own turnover of 3,5M€ in 2015, Lascom AEC plans a two-digit growth in the coming years.

Thanks to its R&D representing 25 % of its staff, the business expertise and the innovation in the field of engineering is at the heart of the DNA of Lascom AEC. So Lascom AEC is positioned as one of the company leaders in collaborative solutions in the sectors of engineering and civil engineering works.

Modern office buildings in central Hong Kong

Our positioning, target and difference

Lascom AEC is positioned on two major axis :

  • Big construction projects (with stakes in BIM and to the global life cycle of the project)
  • Industrial engineering (which focuses on the problems of complex cycles of proofreading, equipments management and contracts management)

Its software is positioned as the central software for companies’ information systems and configuration management technologies, EDM, reporting and process management. Lascom AEC boasts an unsurpassed list of blue chip references such as Vinci, Eiffage, Alstom, Technip, Setec, SGP, RATP…

A man holding the correct piece of the puzzle.

Nowadays the projects which do not depend on an EDM (Electronic Document Management) solution rare are. However, the management of the information bound to a project is not only limited to documents but also includes requirements, contracts, lists of equipment, BIM etc.

The sector of engineering and civil construction simultaneously addresses complex, digital, ecological and energy problems which can profoundly upset the « modus operandi ». Among others, the necessity of organizing, drawing, and automating the flows of information ; the importance of the sustainability of the data of the projects with the aim of exploitation and maintenance … These stakes require a software of specialized PLM : Lascom AEC.

  • Expertise and PLM software focused on the market of the AEC with its special needs and a capacity to accompany and to advise companies within the sector about changing their methods
  • A tool in the crossroads of businesses, the advanced technology of PLM (Plant / Project Lifecycle Management) allows you to manage different project cycle simultaneaously as well as the complex interactions and multiple adapted viewing of the same data set
  • Complex systems mastery thanks to Lascom’s expertise in aeronautics and defense sectors. Because of the increasing deployment of networks of sensors and connected objects and the widespread interconnections, the industry is giving birth to more and more complex systems.. And thus the management of infrastructures is getting closer and closer to aerospace and defense systems’ sector management.

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