About Lascom

Lascom has built its global success on developing and deploying comprehensive software solutions and services that manage the complex business processes and information associated with document, product, project, and configuration management. These advanced offerings address the unique needs of the following critical business activities:

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Lascom technology is used by over 200 large and medium-size organizations around the globe in such diverse industries as aerospace and defense, transportation, utilities, discrete and process manufacturing, as well as consumer packaged goods manufacturing and retailing. Its customers include leading companies such as Yoplait, Lactalis Group, Alstom Transport, Duke Energy, Pilkington Glass, Eli Lilly, Lafarge, British Telecom and many others.

Lascom PLM market segments & references

From PLM

Based on the success of its configuration management technology (introduced in 1997) and its advanced workflow functionality (introduced in 2002), Lascom has evolved into a best-in-class provider of enterprise business process management solutions. 

As projects and products evolve, maintaining a coherent “single version of the truth” is critical to performing gap assessments and impact analysis, as well as making key business decisions in the most efficient and effective manner. Lascom PLM software suite uniquely organizes, manages, and inter-relates a wide range of project/product information.

…to strategic vision

PLM is not just a tool. Understanding the different market segments of a PLM solutions is a success factor. Lascom has heavily invested in its workforce to transform its project managers into a team of experts that know about customer problems and best practices.

By capitalizing on product/project information and simultaneously on market knowledge, Lascom PLM is the key tool to empower strategic visions.

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