SDS: Safety Data Sheet Management

The Safety Data Sheet management is crucial for the chemical industry

The Safety Data Sheets (SDS) – formerly MSDSs or Material Safety Data Sheets – gather information on potential health hazards related to the exposure to chemical products or other potentially dangerous substances.

The SDS specifies the composition of a chemical, identifies hazards, and recommends preventative measures and first aid. It must be provided with the product upon delivery. For each hazardous chemical handled or used, employers must ensure that the SDSs are up-to-date and accessible to employees and downstream users.

The company is also responsible for the translation of those Safety Data Sheets in any required language to ensure a good understanding by all employees concerned.
Thus, chemical manufacturers must provide the Safety Data Sheets of all raw materials linked to hazardous finished products.

In the context of SDS management, there is a significant number of information and data that need to be identified, gathered, organized, tracked and updated, which also rely on various stakeholders. If a business is not able to provide, at any time, the SDSs in compliance with the REACH regulation (Europe) or regulations set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration – OSHA – in the USA, it can face important financial impacts, – e.g.: withdrawal of a product from the market, fines, etc.

Without an efficient solution of data and documents management, meeting SDSs requirements can become challenging.

Regulations around the SDS

  • US regulation : ANSI Z400.1-1998
  • International standards : ISO 11014-1
  • European regulation : REACH
  • The Eupean Union regulation :  91/155/CEE


Centralize Safety Data
Sheet (SDS)

Access SDSs in
different languages

Access all SDSs related
to raw materials and finished products

Ensure SDSs’ traceability
throughout their lifecycle

A solution for SDS and chemical risks management

Thanks to its EDM (Electronic Data Management) and PLM functionalities, Lascom CPG enables businesses to gather, store, track and update their safety data sheets in accordance with regulations in force. The creation and the lifecycle management of SDSs and their different versions are guaranteed. Centralizing the safety data sheets and their contents facilitate the editing, follow-up and updates of their characteristics and chapters; it also enables businesses to control those actions through dedicated processes.

Processes and a partners’ portal speed up and secure collaboration around SDSs. Manufacturers using chemicals can retrieve the SDSs directly from their suppliers and store them in Lascom solution repository. Therefore, a finished product will be directly associated to the SDSs of all raw materials it contains in order to easily retrieve them. On the supplier side, the information can be dematerialized and the SDSs can be generated using data from the repository, ensuring reliability and update of the document.

The alert system of the SDSs management automatically notifies the managers when a raw material or finished product does not have all necessary SDSs, or when an update is required.

Ensure a trusted and secure SDSs management

Lascom CPG supports your business in meeting regulations’ requirements, such as REACH regulation in Europe, and ensuring that your products have SDSs in compliance with regulations in force in terms of format and content.

Once dematerialized, your safety data sheets are up-to-date, centralized and available in any required languages. In the case of an audit, you will immediately find all SDSs associated to your raw materials and finished products, guaranteeing a complete traceability of their lifecycles.

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