Packaging management

Master your packaging process is key

Packaging has become, throughout the years, a significant component for manufacturers when it comes to new product development or renewal. It has evolved in several ways; manufacturers uses it as a way to create consumers’ demand and make a product more appealing. Consumers sees it as a way to get more information or quickly define product quality. With fast-evolving technologies such as smart, active or flexible packaging, it will become even more central.

In addition to the look and feel of the packaging, manufacturers have to comply with strict regulations. The packaging not only needs to be attractive but also mention all the requested elements such as the expiration date, weight, etc.

From design to print, a product packaging request the work of several stakeholders and information from different business department – marketing, research and development, suppliers, etc.


Centralize your documents
and manage changes

Master the graphic
and printing process

Gain in reactivity and
reduce approval cycles

Master project management
with tracking tools

Lascom CPG solution for packaging management

Designed to manage the entire process of packaging innovation, this new feature will help you create the packaging artwork you want – dimensions, materials, colors, etc, and managed all the associated documents

In addition, you will be able to optimize the graphic process by managing documents sharing and artwork data such as images, printing layers, colors, etc.

Lascom’s packaging feature includes Dalim’s “Dialogue Engine” viewer allowing you to view, compare and easily annotate your packaging artwork. Together with Lascom’s PLM document management, you will be able to manage your packaging documents in different versions.