Non-conformity management

Challenges of the non-conformity management

For businesses, non-conformity management is a major concern in order to control and certify the quality of their products.

To optimize products’ quality, it is essential to quickly identify non-conformities and put in place the necessary corrective and preventive actions.

Indeed, any discrepancies between the design or production and the contractual requirements of a client’s order (specifications, contracts, plans, etc.) or of the company (processes, memorandums, instructions, manufacturing plans, sub-orders) must be quickly and efficiently manage.

Therefore, businesses need to implement a non-conformity management software that allows to:

  • report an incident regarding a product
  • dematerialize non-conformities’ information
  • put in place corrective and preventive actions
  • efficiently track data

Real collaborative process, the non-conformities can be identified:

  • internally, during the design, preparation, manufacturing and assembly steps, and audit activities – regardless of the type of audits.
  • externally, when the clients receive the products, during the product’s use or after its use.


Report an incident
regarding a product

Qualify and assess
the non-conformity
(indicators of criticality)

Plan corrective actions and
define the assigned persons

Identify the critical points
thanks to reporting tools

Our PLM solution for the non-conformity management

Lascom offers a non-conformity management module enabling users to report an incident regarding a product, and to add comments, digital photos or any documents. An instructor is then assigned to the evaluation of this non-conformity in order to determine the causes and plan corrective actions. This allows a suitable solution to quickly be offered to the customer.

The non-conformity management module relies on two key elements of Lascom solution:

  • the processes – to guarantee that the right people receive the information
  • the repository – to dematerialize the non-conformities and to consolidate data through indicators

This enables a user to report an incident so it can be analyzed and corrective actions can be implemented. This report can be performed internally by the company, or externally by a client or a supplier, if they have access to the solution.

gestion des non-conformités

Process of non-conformity management


Report of a non-conformity

As soon as a non-conformity is identified, a user can easily report it using a specific form. Thanks to the non-conformity management module, you can define one or more processing procedures.

Monitor the non-conformity process

The non-conformity management tool enables a project supervisor to monitor tasks progress; a Gantt chart indicates which tasks are completed, in progress, planned, etc. The supervisor can also consult each task’s detail, as well as modify the process at any time.

Analyze non-conformities

Lascom CPG includes reporting solutions that allow users to track the progress of non-conformities processing.

Traceability of all non-conformities

Each reported non-conformity is accessible from the repository, which allows for simple search, search by customer, supplier, product, type of non-conformity, and so on.