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Product labelling challenges

Packaging development and product labelling are crucial element in the marketing of a product, as it is essentially the presentation of the product. It is thus extremely important for the businesses to ensure that potential customers like what they see. The packaging development should be appropriate to the product, and induce customers to buy it.

Businesses also have to consider legal requirements related to the environment, labels, graphics, and safety. Packaging needs to provide information and guide consumer, depending on the type of product. For instance, a beverage needs to provide information on the product name, its weight, and should display a nutritional fact panel. In contrast, the packaging of a toy needs to provide the age range suitable for children to play with it. It could be extremely difficult to deal with various countries regulations when selling globally. Even if standards and certifications tend to be international (ISO, HACCP, OHSAS…) the majority of rules are still region specific – nutrition fact panel format, food labelling requirements, etc. In addition, if manufacturers add marketing claims on a product, authorities and external bodies require information on pack pertaining to the product proving these claims.

Promotion overview in labeling management

Getting to market with promotional product labelling and POS material is challenging due to:

  • The multiplicity of actors involved – including marketing, sales, finance, category management, communication agencies, legal, logistics and department supervisors.
  • The assortment of references for a promotion.
  • The assortment of pricing and promotional strategies – loyalty points, discounts, “buy one get one free”, etc. – Whole categories are impacted and retailers observe whole store effects. Some promotions can cannibalize sales or drive incremental traffic in store. Costs forecasts are then very complex to handle.

The slow “stage gate” process composed by many tasks and organized through a schedule long time before the actual promotion.

Defects and errors in packaging development and product labelling are primary reasons for product recalls, costing companies millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Most common bottlenecks in packaging development

Since packaging development and artwork engage many functional disciplines within the company – while simultaneously engaging a large network of external partners – packaging development and labelling management are definitive collaboration bottleneck.

Yet businesses face critical barriers to tackle in order to achieve effective packaging development and optimized labelling management, including:

Lascom labelling management solution

Virtual packaging review

Lascom collaborative solution makes it possible to conduct virtual packaging reviews. Digital mark-ups can be directly added on the document. Reviewers are then able to approve or reject comments regarding their role.

packaging and artwork

Electronic sign-off

Electronic sign-off, good to print and a full version history ensure transparency and accountability throughout the process. As a result, participants can be sure that a complete and accurate print file is released to production.

Collaboration in packaging development

Lascom offers a supplier portal to improve reactivity on each task. Timelines are reduced and collaboration enhanced. The system tracks, manages and optimizes the end-to-end process. The appropriate such as nutritional fact panel, POS material drawings, attention to customer, catalogs, can be automatically generated, monitored and traced. Reporting and analytics are triggered to benchmark progress and evaluate the promotion for cost and timing targets.

Promotional strategy

Lascom fuels retailers’ promotional strategies: dedicated promotion management business process is supported by the supplier portal. Sales campaign will be stage-gated on a weekly base. The tasks will be dispatched automatically to various participants providing alerts if the dates are overdue. Every assigning will have a comprehensive dynamic timeline to monitor the critical path in a launch process.

Translation management

Lascom provides a translation management tool (especially for data, formulation and product labelling) to ease collaboration between countries (including support of various alphabet types). Some other specificities are often related to unit (imperial to metrics, °C to °F, etc.), currencies and date format management or local trends. Lascom provides the technology to keep the consistency of the product specifications even for extensive global sales operations.

Labelling management process and ERP

After approval, Lascom’s ETL (extract transform and load) will upload fully structured products data and documentation to the ERP back-office system. This save time and prevent errors associated with manual re-keying. It closes the labelling management process.

labelling management and ERP

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