USDA Food Labeling Tool / FSMA

What is FSMA ?

The FDA Food safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed into law on January 4th 2011.  It aims to shift the focus of federal regulators from responding to food contamination to preventing it from happening in the first place. This act is placed not only on fresh produce but on frozen as well as food for animals.

The regulations are intended to enforcing good manufacturing processes that now includes a focus on allergen control.  A significant amount of record keeping with a required written safety plan that includes a safety plan and specific preventive controls. Produce safety from the farm which the food was created through distribution and packaging until finally the store. Regulations also include mandatory recall, Facility registration and Sanitary food transportation, amongst others.

The implementation deadlines for these regulations are August 30th 2016 for preventative controls for human food and animal feed, March 31st 2016 for Sanitary transportation, April 31st 2017 for the foreign supplier verification program, July 31st 2017 for food defense, and December 31st 2017 for produce safety.

The new FSMA regulations impose important constraints to which industries and distributors must face quickly in terms of organization, which if not done in advance can lead to important costs and difficulties.

It is within this approach that Lascom helps professionals of the food industry, catering and distribution, by offering a solution adapted to the requirements of these new FSMA regulations.


Problems being faced due to these new regulations


  • Centralizing and structuring product data
  • Automatizing the exchange of data with distributors
  • Assessing which FSMA rules apply to them
  • Creating an efficient risk based management program


  • Collecting and structuring product data
  • Optimizing the volume of updates and product data
  • Ensuring that all required information is provided
  • Conforming to label regulations such as font and size requirement

Lascom's solution to the FSMA regulation

Key benefits of the Lascom Solution

  • Centralizing product information
  • Optimizing product formulation, menus, etc.
  • Offering support for the full product labeling in accordance to FSMA regulations
  • Automatically generating data sheets and specifications to conform to FSMA
  • Having a complete traceability and advanced research tools
  • Simply piloting the sequencing of actions and tasks